About 8000 records

This is a website about music. The idea behind it is quite simple:

When you have a collection of around 8000 records you realize at some point that there is one problem – with all that music on the shelves it is almost impossible to listen to all of it. Most of the records might actually never be played again.

That’s not acceptable, of course. So I decided to do something about it and turned it into a project. 

Whenever I have a little bit of time on my hand, I will take one of these 8000 records from the shelf, listen to it from beginning to end, without skipping a single note, and write something about it. 

It’s my way of saying thank you to the music – and maybe goodbye as well. At least I gave it the honor of a good listen and a few words. Whether they are words of praise, bewilderment or dissatisfaction – we will see. 

And why should you read about it? It’s music. It’s always worth a read. And maybe you will even listen to it while you read about it. Or even comment on it if you think that my verdict is debatable. 

Thank you and enjoy the music.